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Welcome to the website of the Land Use Research Foundation of Hawaii, commonly known as LURF, the only Hawaii based organization devoted exclusively to promoting the interests of the development community, particularly in the areas of land use laws, regulations, and public policy.

What LURF does for its Members:

  • Research and Analysis
    • Engages in legal research;
    • Obtains industry and issue-specific information from other jurisdictions and organizations;
    • Gathers important "background" facts and other information not readily available to members of the public;
    • Provides analysis and recommendations based on: legal review and industry or issue-specific background information; and
    • Prepares LURF summaries, white papers and testimony.
  • Deals with common problems relating to land and LURF members
    • Represents the interest of LURF members by serving as an active participant on various government and community task forces and organizations relating to land use;
    • Influences government and other reports and studies relating to land use;
    • Forms Ad Hoc committees of LURF members and other interested parties;
    • Assists individual LURF members with issues that affect the LURF membership and industry as a whole; and
    • Develops strategy together with LURF members and Affiliates and implements the strategy.
  • Educates LURF members and the public and provides a source of information for anyone interested in land use in Hawaii
    • Prepares and circulates LURF testimony, LURF issue summaries and other information;
    • Provides Guest Speakers (legislators, government officials, private industry experts) thru educational forums and other events open to the public;
    • Meets with and educates elected and appointed officials, experts and members of the public;
    • Acts as a land use "resource" to LURF members, elected and appointed government officials, experts and members of the public;
    • Serves as guest speaker at land use conferences and meetings;
    • Acts as spokesperson representing LURF members and industry in responding to media inquiries;
    • Publishes articles;
    • Provides notices regarding training sessions, workshops or conferences; and
    • Maintains website that includes updated information regarding land use issues.  

  • Represent LURF and its members before legislative bodies, public agencies and other governmental entities
    • Provides an "industry voice" for landowners and developers;
    • Knows and is trusted by elected officials, those in the industry, and the public; and
    • Strong and effective advocate and lobbyist.

For more information, please call Land Use Research Foundation at (808) 521-4717.